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Boat Service at Lakeshore Marina


For all Maintenance or Engine Repair Service, use the service request form.

For all Winterization requests, use the winterization form.


Winterization Requests received and paid for by 10/31/20, with cash or check, will receive a $50 discount! You will receive 10% off of ANY additional service that is approved before 10/31/20.

Dry Storage Winterization/Dewinterization Package $450* per engine

-Add Fuel Stabilizer
-Fog Engine
-Change Gear Lube**
-Change Fuel Water Separator
-Load Test Batteries
-Diagnostic/Test Drive & Safety Component Testing


Package includes same services as listed above for $810.00

Wet Slip Upgrade add $400*

-includes everything in Dry Storage Package
-Inspect bottom and Outdrives/Props
-Change Anodes
-Seal Vents

Add-on System Winterizations (add price to your package price)

-AC System $100/system
-Ballast $100/System
-Generator $100/generator
-Toilet (includes pumpout) $40/toilet
-Water $40/sink
-Dash Heater $70

Jet Ski – Basic $165.00

-Add Fuel Stabilizer
-Fog Engine

Other Services
-Add Battery Switch $165 + Parts
-Bottom Cleaning (in water or out) $12/ft
-Bottom Paint $80/ft
-Change Impeller (incl labor & part) $275 each + Parts
-Full Detail (incl compound & wax) starts at $15/ft
-Fiberglass/ gelcoat repair $ Priced per Job
-Oil Change $165/engine + Parts
-Tune Up (Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap, Rotor) $220 + parts
-Muskrat Guard Installation $200 plus parts
-Change Anodes $192 plus parts

Shrink Wrap – $10/ Ft

Keep your boat clean through the winter.

* Price is per engine. For twin engines price is $810.00 or 20% off the second engine.
** Gear lube will not be changed on wet slip boats over 34′ or without the upgrade.

To schedule your boat for the above services fill out the form above.


Specializing In:

Contact us for your service needs including:

Minor and Major Engine Repairs
Tune Ups
Outdrive Service
Electrical Repair
Sanitation Repair
New Component Installation

New Engines Installation

Let us be your “one stop shop” for all of your service needs. Fill out the form below, call (423) 870-2000, email us at or stop by and visit us at Lakeshore Marina.

Specializing In:

Oil Changes – Should be done about every 70-100 hours for gas engines and every 50 hours for diesel. Dirty/old oil can be destructive to the internal surfaces of your engine.

Impellers- Should be changed every 1-2 years depending on how much you run your boat. A faulty impeller will cause your boat to overheat and possibly cost you a new engine. So when it comes to impellers it is better to be safe than sorry.

Anodes- Should be changed at least every year on boats that stay in the water. Dry stored boats should have anodes inspected when washing boat to be sure they are still solid and present. When 50% of the anode has been lost it is time to replace them. Failure to replace can cause erosion of the outdrives, props, etc… which can be very costly to replace.

Gear Lube- Should be changed every fall when your boat is put up for the winter. Gear lube that is not changed will lose its ability to keep moving parts from touching. The gear lube itself can be contaminated by metal shavings and water as well.

Tune Up- A tune up that includes changing your spark plugs and wires, cap and rotor should be done annually for optimum performance and fuel efficiency.

Bottom Paint- If your boat spends most of its time in the water this should be done every 3-5 years in freshwater. Failure to have the proper bottom paint can cause blisters in the fiberglass which left untreated can weaken the fiberglass.

Generator- Oil should be changed every 50 hours and the oil filter every 100 hours.

Outdrive Service

Specializing In:
Spring Time Service

Detail including compound and wax starting at $15/ft

Impeller changes starting at $275 + parts

Tune Ups $220 + parts

Oil Change starting at $165 + parts

Gear Lube Change starting at $80 + parts

Keep Your Boat Running!
Lakeshore Marina Keeps Your Boat Running!


Specializing In:

Call or stop by and talk with us regarding any work you need done to your boat. Our highly skilled craftsmen can complete virtually any specialized task or project you need. Just a few of the services we offer include:

Bottom Painting and Maintenance
Blister Repair
Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repair
Outdrive Painting
Prop Tuning

Let us be your “one stop shop” for your service needs. Call (423) 870-2000 or email us at or stop by and visit us at Lakeshore Marina.

Boat Cleaning
Specializing In:
Want a clean boat but just can’t find the time. Let us handle this for you so all you have to do with your boat is enjoy it. To get started just fill out the order below
Specializing In:
Outdoor storage – year around …
Indoor storage – year around…
Outdoor jet ski docks
Indoor jet ski storage
Trailer storage
Trailer on-load/off-load capability
Fork lift launch (splash)

Call Lakeshore Marina at (423) 870-2000

For Parts, Engine and Component Service, and Vessel Repair and Maintenance call (423) 870-2000 or email or stop by and visit Lakeshore Marina.