Lakeshore Marina
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Wet Slips

Lakeshore Marina Wet Slips

5600 Lake Resort Terrace

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37415

(423) 870-2000

We offer beautiful deep water sheltered and covered wet slips at the best monthly rates around town. Our wet slips range from thirty feet (minimum) to seventy feet in length, up to twenty feet in width and up to twenty-four feet in height. Check out our rate table below. Please note that contracts are on an annual basis and an eight percent (8%) discount applies for annual contracts paid in full prior at the start of a contract term by cash or check. Short term contracts are not offered for our wet slips. All wet slips have water and, except for E dock, all have electricity.



DockLength (ft) Width (ft)Height (ft)Price / Month
Sailboat (per foot)$7.00
Extra Vessel(in your slip)$40.00
Jet Ski Dock$100.00
A Dock (1-10)30 Feet12 Feet11'6" from water$286.00
A Dock (11-16)35 Feet12 Feet13'2"$330.00
B Dock (1-16)30 Feet12 Feet11'6" from water$275.00
C Dock (1-16)30 Feet12 Feet9'6"$267.00
D Dock (1-12)30 Feet12 Feet11'6"$260.00
E Dock (no Power) (1-6)30 Feet12 Feet$237.00
F Dock (1-8)30 Feet12 Feet$300.00
M Dock (1-6)42 Feet16 Feet19'$415.00
M Dock (7-14, 16, 18 & 20)39 Feet16 FeetCall$385.00
M Dock (15, 17, & 19)47 Feet16 FeetCall$465.00
M Dock (21)51 Feet16 FeetCall$505.00
M Dock (22)39 Feet16 FeetCall$385.00
M Dock (23)60 Feet18 FeetCall$627.00
M Dock (24)40 Feet18 FeetCall$420.00
M Dock (25)60 Feet18 FeetCall$627.00
M Dock (26)40 Feet18 FeetCall$450.00
M Dock (27)60 Feet18 FeetCall$627.00
M Dock (28)50 Feet16 Feet17'$505.00
M Dock (29)70 Feet20 FeetCall$770.00